(Junior and Senior Saturday Academy Only)


2 Siblings - 10% Discount

3+ Siblings - 20% Discoun


Our fees and terms and conditions  are usually reviewed annually in July & any changes made are implemented the following September. We reserve the right to amend or make changes  at any time without notice 

Fees and Payments


We do not offer a weekly payment option. From January 2020 there will be a half termly option strictly by arrangement only. There are always  8 weeks of LAMDA coaching per term, regardless of the length of the term. 
Half a term's notice is required in writing via email if a student wishes to leave one of our Junior, Senior ,  Intermediate  or Advanced
performance Saturday classes. Where notice is not received,
half a term's fees in lieu of notice must be paid by parents or fee payer. 
Whilst the required notice period has been in place since 2000,
it is now more  important than ever as we keep classes very small
to work within covid-secure guidelines. As our terms vary in
length, a half a term's notice is calculated at 6 weeks
regardless of the length of the term. Fees payers should contact us as soon as possible via email if they have a query regarding fees or if payment is going to be late. 

 An 'early bird' discount of £10 applies to all invoices paid within 7 days
from the date on the invoice. All other discounts including sibling discounts,
multi class discounts, scholarship discounts are subject to prompt payment  


Late Payments
As a small independent business, prompt payment is vital for our survival. From the start of the January term 2022 a late payment fee
of £25 will be added to all accounts that are not settled in full by the 
4th Saturday of term
*.  This fee is  to pay for the additional
administration work late payments create.


Unpaid fees or Fees in Lieu of notice

Theatre Arts Academy  use the small claims courts to recover unpaid fees

Please read our full terms and conditions
below before registering your child


*If arrangements have been made for payment to be made in 2 half termly payments, the first
half term' s payment must be made within 7 days from the date of the invoice.
The Early bird discount does not apply when paying half termly.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS    IMPORTANT - please read carefully


In order for students to benefit fully from the teaching and directing we provide, regular attendance to classes is paramount. Parents and students should recognise that in joining Theatre Arts Academy they are making a commitment. Without dedication, commitment  and support from our students and their families we are unable to produce the high quality productions we have become known for.  

As a small independent business  we work hard to deliver quality training and performance experiences at the lowest possible rates and to be as inclusive as possible. Prompt payment by parents and fee payers is vital for our survival.
Whilst all fees must be paid in full (unless the student is on Scholarship) we ask that if parents or fee payers are experiencing any difficulties in meeting fees, they email us as soon as possible and we will try to arrange a mutually convenient payment plan. We will always endeavour to recover all unpaid fees and where necessary will do this through the small claims court process.  
NB: Under no circumstances can Theatre Arts Academy act as negotiator or offer arbitration services to separated parents, or two or more responsible parties regarding who is responsible for payment of fees. 

If a parent wishes to withdraw a child from our Saturday Junior or Senior classes, a half terms notice via email is required. If notice is not received, half a term's fees will be charged in lieu. This is a shorter notice period than  standard  practice throughout independent & vocational schools who usually require a full term. Where a child wishes to take a term or half term out of classes  (due to professional performance work, school commitments, 11+ tutoring or any other reason) half a term's notice  or fees in lieu is still required.  If  the student then returns after a break of up to 6 months (subject to a place being available) Any fees paid in lieu of notice will be deducted from their return invoice. This is non-transferable to other students. To 'hold open' a place for a student during a temporary period of absence, fees must be paid in full for the whole of the intended absence period.

LAMDA exam coaching runs for 8 weeks each term. If a LAMDA student does not wish to renew their coaching for the following term, parents should inform us by email on, or before, their child's final coaching session. If no email to the contrary is received, students will automatically continue to be enrolled for LAMDA exam coaching the following term. (NB: LAMDA exam coaching times/groups/timetables will change from term to term as students move classes or grades. New timetables are sent out before the start of each term) LAMDA exam coaching and LAMDA exams are optional extras.  If a student is entered for an exam the exam fee must be paid promptly by parents on receipt of notification of charge. Parents are advised  of exam dates in advance of their student being entered for an exam. If the student is then unable to attend the exam after the entry has been submitted to LAMDA the full exam fee must still be paid by the parent . If the exam absence is due to illness, parents may apply to LAMDA with a doctors letter for a refund of up to 50% of the exam fee paid, provided they do so within 5 working days of the exam date. If a student stops LAMDA coaching without giving the required notice parents will be charged for the LAMDA coaching in full until we have received emailed confirmation that the student is not continuing, after which any shortfall must be covered by parents for the remainder of the 8 week term or until their place is filled by another student.

In the event of forced or advised temporary closure of the Academy or cancellation of any planned events or performances, for any reason beyond the control of the Academy, including (but not exclusive to) bad weather / acts of (or threats of) terrorism, riot or  war / the outbreak of (or containment of) contagious illness, we will advise parents via email. If this happens classes will be endeavour to re-schedule events and/or deliver them on-line via zoom. If we are unable to deliver classes on-line or we have to cancel rehearsals, performances, exams or any other events already paid for by parents,  all monies paid will be carried over to the rescheduled event, or until classes resume.

 A £10  Early Bird discount is applied to Saturday Junior and/or Senior  students when a terms fees are paid in full with 7 days of the date on the invoice sent.  The Early Bird discount only applies to those who attend Saturday Junior or Senior classes and is not applicable after 7 days have lapsed or if payment is being made half termly (by arrangement only). Where a half termly option is offered the first half payment must be received on the first week of term.
Parents/carers sign in agreement to our terms and conditions on their child's registration form when joining.

Expected standards of behaviour.
All students and their parents and carers are expected to behave politely and with respect to all staff,  assistants and students, both whilst at classes, rehearsals and TAA performances and events and at all other times away from Theatre Arts Academy.  This expectation of behaviour extends to social media profiles.
Students are expected to act with encouragement and  support to fellow students at all times.  Theatre Arts will look into any allegations of behaviour falling short of this expectation and if the situation cannot be resolved the perpetrator will be expelled from Theatre Arts Academy and no fees will be refunded. Where an allegation of unacceptable behaviour is reported by either a member of staff, or a student, we will listen and look at all the facts and where appropriate for serious or repeated incidents,  parents or carers will be contacted and invited for a face to face meeting. Serious incidents include, but are not exclusive to, remarks that cause offence relating to somebody's race, religion, appearance, gender identity or orientation , acting in a way that puts students or staff at risk of accident or injury or stops them from enjoying their time at classes, rehearsals or performances,  stealing or damaging property. We believe most incidents can be resolved with parents and staff working together and that at the end of the day we all want the same outcome, a happy and supportive working environment for all. The best way to resolve any behaviour issues is with a face to face meeting rather than over telephone, or via email or any other forum, where tone and intent can be misread. For this reason, we will not enter into lengthy back and forth discussions on email etc. Where face to face meetings are not possible, we will arrange meetings over Zoom. Please also see our child protection policy. and our photographic and social media policies.

To ensure the safety of all our staff and students, we will not tolerate rude, intimidating, accusation or aggressive behaviour from students, or from parents, whether directed at staff, fellow students or parents of students. Behaviour that offends or intimidates will result in the child or the child of the offender being expelled from all classes, workshops and performances and no refund of fees paid will be made.


Casting for productions: Whilst  some children may be very confident  performing for parents and friends at home, they may present themselves quite differently at Theatre Arts Academy when they are among a large group of other talented children. When casting productions we consider attendance,  confidence, work ethic and ability as we see it . All our casting is final and we ask parents to support our casting decisions. 

All classes must be paid for in full including those missed for any reason, including illness or leave for professional or amateur performance work. Sibling discounts are set at 10% for two children and 20% for three or more children from the same family. We ask for a minimum of half a term's initial commitment if starting at the beginning of a term. If starting after the third week of term initial commitment will be for the remainder of that term. This ensures consistency for our existing students and gives new students a reasonable time to settle in, make friends and decide if Theatre Arts Academy is right for them.